50+ Super Cute Valentine Animal Puns You Should Steal

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Whether you’re seeking an animal Valentine pun for your significant Otter, or simply a paw-fect animal love pun for friends, this post has you covered with a huge selection of aww-worthy Valentine puns that are sure to melt any recipient.

Hopefully, with this lengthy list of Valentine’s Day animal puns and phrases in hand, you’ll be able to complete the perfect V-Day message, card, or gift. For optimal thoughtfulness points, do ensure that the animal you pick is relevant to your relationship in some way, or is at least an animal they’ve been vocal about loving.

Now – let’s get to the animal valentines. We hope you Woof them! And be sure to check out of food valentine puns list here for more.

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Dog Valentine Puns

In need of the Paw-fect dog pun Fur your valentine? Here are some cute ones.

Valentine’s without you would be so Ruff.

I woof you, Valentine.

Valentine’s Day without you would be im-Paws-ible.

Thank you for being such a Paw-fect Valentine.

I’m so Pug-ging happy you’re my Valentine.

Fur real, you’re the best Valentine I could ever ask for.

Cat Themed Valentine Puns

A cat valentine pun sounds like a good fit if your valentine is a total Cat-ch themselves. Here are some kitty themed valentine phrases that will be purr-fect for your purposes.

Thanks for being the Meow-st amazing Valentine ever.

It’s Valentine’s Day again already? You’ve Cat to be Kitten.

I’d love to Whisk-er you away this Valentine’s Day.

You are the Purr-fect Valentine.

I love you so Meow-ch, Valentine.

I love Mew, Valentine.

Will you be Meow Valentine?

I’m always Feline great around you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo by Long Ma on Unsplash

Dinosaur Valentine Puns

Going for a dinosaur themed valentine? We Rex-pect it! Here are some dinosaur valentine phrases to copy:

You’re so Dino-mite.

You make my heart Saur, valentine.

You’re tricera-Tops!

Let’s Steg together.

Dearest valentine, my life would be a Rex without you.

Photo by Rombo on Unsplash

Fish and Marine Life Valentine Puns

Of all the fish in the sea, you chose this one, so here are some fishy valentine puns that will dolphinate-ly get you some brownie points.

You are such a Catch, Valentine.

I can’t believe out of all the Fish in the Sea, I Caught you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Sole-mate.

I Whale-y want you to be my Valentine.

I Whale love you forever, Valentine!

Whale you be my Valentine?

You’re Dolphin-ately the best Valentine.

Other Animal Valentine Puns

Not sold by any of the animal valentines above? Here are some more for you.

I’m Batty for you. Will you be my Valentine?

Dam, you’re awesome! Will you be my Valentine?

Wishing you a Bear-y Good Valentine’s Day!

Will you Bee mine?
I’m always Buzing around you.

Every Bunny knows You Should be my Valentine!
Somebunny clearly loves you a lot. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You Moo’st be my Valentine this year.
You’re the Moo’st Awesome Valentine Ever.
I Cow’nt believe you’re my Valentine!

I am so Fawn’d of you, Valentine.
Will you be mine, my Deer?

You always Quack me up, Valentine.

Trunk in love.
I’d love to be your Valentine from Tusk til Dawn.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, you total Fox.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the one that always gives me Goose-bumps.

I Quill always want you to be my Valentine.

You are such a Koala-ty valentine!

I’d be Lion if I said I didn’t want you to be my Valentine.

I am Otter-ly in love with you, Valentine!

Owl love you, Valentine.

I love you a Waddle.

I would love to Pig you as my Valentine this year.
I’d love to Y’Oink you as my Valentine.
If you want to be my Valentine, give me a Snout.

Rhino you’re the only Valentine I want.

Wool you be my Valentine?
I love Ewe, Valentine!
Will Ewe be mine?

Slugs and kisses to my awesome Valentine!

You’re Toad-ally the best Valentine.

You’re Turtle-y the best!

Photo by Brittney Weng on Unsplash

We hope you enjoyed these Animal Valentine Puns!

Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite, as well as if you’d like to add any to the list. Thanks for reading!

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