100+ Valentine’s Day Puns, Jokes and Sayings for Instagram Captions

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Let’s be real: Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to embrace all cheesiness, and also perhaps the best day of the year to bust out the corniest puns you can possible think of.

With that in mind, we’re here to help. In this article, we’re sharing a roundup of amazing Valentine-themed puns that can easily be used for a message/greeting card, or even adapted to create the perfect punny Instagram caption. Doing this was Heart work, but we hope you’ll appreciate the results.

So, without further ado, here are our best Valentine’s Day puns, featuring options for heart valentine puns, food valentine puns, animal valentine puns, and more. While most of these lean towards romantic Valentine’s messages, the puns can easily be tweaked for a friendship/classroom setting too.


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Heart Valentine Puns

Ah – the heart. That’s the reason you’re this deep into the Internet that you’re researching Valentine’s Day heart puns, right? Well, we all do crazy things when we’re in love, so here are some heart-themed puns to help you out with that Valentine’s Day caption or message.

Valentine’s Day is Heart work… but you make it worth it!

Us? Definitely a Love-Heart relationship.

This relationship right here is a true work of Heart.

It would Heart-ly be Valentine’s Day if I didn’t have you by my side.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I figured I Heart to tell you how I feel.

Hey, I Heart you were looking for a Valentine?

Wow, are you a cop? Because looking at you is sending me into Cardiac… Arrest.

What is love? Baby don’t heart me, don’t heart me… no more. JK – please heart me.

Valentine’s Day Food Puns for Instagram Captions

Every good Valentine’s Day celebration includes food in some capacity, whether it’s tasty homemade baked goods, a nice candelit dinner, or um… maybe a backpack made of snacks for your Valentine?

Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of chances to sneak in a food-related Valentine pun or two on this special day. If you want a truly exhausting list of food-related Valentine puns, here is a bigger list we put together, organized by category, but below are some of our favorites.

Dear Valentine, you’re the Apple of my eye.

I’m Bananas for you.

Oh Valentine, you make my heart Beet faster.

I would Berry much love for you to be my Valentine.

My life would be Butter if you were my Valentine.

Will you Brie my Valentine?

I love you a Choco-Lot, Valentine.

You Mocha me so happy, Valentine.
I like you a Latte.

I think you’re Dill-lightful. Will you be my Valentine?

You donut know how much I want you to be my Valentine.

I only have Fries for you… so will you be my Valentine?

You’re one in a Melon, Valentine.

It would make Miso happy if you were my Valentine.

I’m nuts about you, Valentine.

Olive you, dear Valentine!

We’d make a great Pear, so will you be my Valentine?

You’ve stolen a Pizza my heart! Will you be my Valentine?

Thank you for Pudding up with me, Valentine.

It would Maki me so happy if you’d be my Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hot-Tea.

I love you from my head Tomatoes, Valentine.

Baking Valentine Puns & Captions

Baking is a common Valentine’s Day activity, whether you’re doing it as a gift to your Valentine, or as a fun date enjoyed together. Regardless, you’ll might need some baking-themed punniness to go with your kitchen adventures, so here are some baking related Valentine’s puns that will help doll up any Instagram caption, card or baked good gift.

Don’t go bakin’ my heart…

It’s a Batch!

A Batch for my greatest catch.

Love you is all you Knead.

Let me Whisk you away this Valentine’s Day.

Like they say, Bake it til you make it.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m raising the Bakes and making [insert baked good].

Bakes one to know one. Thanks for being someone worth baking for!

Why would I spend 5 hours in the kitchen slaving over cookies for Valentine’s Day? Well… Bake-ause my Valentine deserves it.

Apron on, flour in my hair… Who have I bake-ome? Valentine’s Day has turned me into a monster.

I love you so much I Oven baked you treats! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Dough you know how much I love you, Valentine?

Seriously Dough, Valentine’s Day is hard work.

Muffins for my love muffin.

Trying to bake this much on Valentine’s Day was a Cookie mistake.

Loving you is a piece of Cake.

Valentine’s Day Animal Puns & Captions

If you want a truly exhausting list of animal-related Valentine puns, here is a bigger list we put together, organized by category.

Wishing you a Bear-y Good Valentine’s Day!

Will you Bee mine?

Valentine’s without you would be so Ruff.
Thank you for being such a Paw-fect Valentine.

You are the Purr-fect Valentine.

Will you be mine, my Deer?

You make my heart Saur, valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Sole-mate.

Llama just say… you’re amazing!

I’d be Lion if I said I didn’t want you to be my Valentine

Wool you be my Valentine?
Will Ewe be my Valentine?

Whale you be my Valentine?

Pop Culture & Geek Valentine’s Day Puns & Phrases

Do you and your Valentine share a penchant for geek culture or a certain movie, TV show or franchise? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pay homage to that obsession with a lovey dovey twist. Here are some ideas for Valentine puns/messages that involve pop culture.

Star Wars:
Baby, Yoda one for me.
Click here for a full list of Star Wars valentines.

Harry Potter:
Accio, Valentine!
Click here for a full list of Harry Potter valentines.

Lord of the Rings:
Happy Valentine’s Day, my preciousssssss.
Click here for a full list of LOTR valentines.

I Love You 3000.

I choose you!
Click here for a full list of Pokémon valentines.

Doctor Who:
Will you be my Companion?
Click here for a full list of Doctor Who valentines.

Gaming (General):
Happy Valentine’s Day, Player 2.
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Among Us:
You can’t spell Sus without “us”.

Other Cute Valentine’s Day Puns

Alright – did none of the cute Valentine puns above do it for you? You sound a bit picky, but no worries – we’ve still got a few up our sleeve. Here are some ideas for other clever Valentine’s Day puns that fall under miscellaneous categories:

You are out of this world!

Having you as a Valentine is a Home Run.
You’re a Hit!

You’re a slam dunk.
I Hoop you have the best Valentine’s Day!

You Drive me crazy, valentine.
I Car about you so much.

You can always count on me, Valentine.

Our love is a total Touchdown.

Wow, you are just my Type.

I find you very Attractive.

Thank you for being my perfect Match.

Happy Valentine’s Day, cutie 3.14.

You are Music to my ears, Valentine.

You are definitely the Write one for me.

You’re the Valentine for me. Plane and simple.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I Rose to the occasion.

Grateful to always have great Chemistry with you.
Naturally, I select you.
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Thanks for being such a Ball to be around.
I get a Kick out of you!

I lava you, Valentine.

Valentine’s Day Jokes

Of course, no cheesy Valentine puns post would be complete without some Valentine’s Day dad jokes. Here are a few that you might enjoy, but feel free to mix them up with some of the puns above to create your own punchlines.

Why did everyone want to be the Magnet’s valentine?
Because it was Attractive.

Why did fire ask the match to be its Valentine?
Because it was a perfect Match.

How did the alien know his valentine was “the one”?
Their love was out of this world.

Why did the pencils decide to be each others’ valentines?
Things just felt Write.

Why is it risky to have a pastry chef as your Valentine?
They may Dessert you.

How did the phone propose on Valentine’s Day?
By giving a ring.

Why did the computer ask the keyboard to be his valentine?
They were exactly his Type.

How much does the barista love his valentine?
A Latte.

Why did the dog hate spending Valentine’s Day alone?
It was Ruff.

How did the ghost ask his valentine out?
He asked “will you be my boo?”

Who was the ghost’s valentine this year?
His ghoulfriend.

What did the bee say to his crush on Valentine’s Day?
Bee mine.

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BONUS: Dirty and Naughty Valentine Puns

Last but not least, we have a section for those of you who prefer something a bit spicier when it comes to fun punny Valentine sayings. Of course, these dirty Valentine puns aren’t for everyone, so use them with caution!

Spread me anytime, Valentine.

Hey Valentine, let’s Cluck.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wanna Fork?

Hamme me, Valentine.
Nail me, Valentine.

I wanna get Jalapeño pants.

Butter my Muffin, valentine?

I love your Nuts.

I like your package, Valentine.

I’d Bone you.
Wanna Bone?

I wanna Rail you.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of Valentine’s Day Puns and Sayings!

If you have any more suggestions for fun and silly Valentine’s puns, please let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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