100+ Valentine’s Day Food Puns You Need to Steal

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Looking for the perfect Valentine food pun to finish off your card, message or gift?

As avid pun enthusiasts, we’re here to help.

After all, Valentine’s Day is the best time to embrace all things cheesy (even if that includes making some unbrie-lievable puns here and there).

Below, you’ll find a massive collection of food Valentine puns/wishes divided by category. We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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Fruit and Vegetable Valentine Puns

Looking to produce the best possible fruit/veg pun for your valentine? You are definitely spoiled for choice. Here are some cute ideas:

Dear Valentine, you’re the Apple of my eye.

Want to be my Avo-cuddle buddy this Valentine’s Day?

I’m Bananas for you. Want to be my Valentine and never Split?

Oh Valentine, you make my heart Beet faster.

I would Berry much love for you to be my Valentine.

I Carrot ton about you, Valentine!

I would cherry-sh the opportunity for you to be my Valentine.

I hope this isn’t too Corny, but will you be my valentine?

Will you be my valentine, you Cutecumber?

It takes two to Mango. Want to be my partner this Valentine’s Day?

You’re one in a Melon, Valentine.

Orange you excited to be my Valentine?

We’d make a great Pear, so will you be my Valentine?

It would make me so Hap-pea if you were my Valentine.

I love you from my head Tomatoes, Valentine.

Cheese Valentine Puns

Sometimes cheesiness should be taken literally, as is the case with these ridiculous Valentine cheese puns below. Proceed with caution as they’re extra cheesy, but we personally think they’re pretty Grate.

Will you Brie my Valentine?

I think you’re Grate, Valentine.

In Queso you didn’t know, I think you’re awesome.

You and I go so Gouda together. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you have a Gouda Valentine’s Day!

I know this is Cheesy, but it IS Valentine’s Day after all!

I’m so Fondue you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheese Louise, you’re awesome! Will you be my Valentine?

I’m definitely Cheddar off with you, Valentine.

If looks Curd kill, I’d be dead. Thankful for you, my Valentine!

My life is Feta thanks to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Spice/Herb Puns

Looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day message or gift with some fun spice themed Valentine puns? Here are some adorable ideas.

Will you be mine? Anise you in my life so badly.

Bay Leaf:
I can’t Bay Leaf how amazing you are. Be my Valentine?

We are Cinna-meant to be, Valentine

So glad you Cumin to my life, Valentine.

Dear Valentine, I Clove you so much.

I think you’re Dill-lightful. Will you be my Valentine?

We are so Mint to be. Will you be my Valentine?

Will you be my Valen-Thyme?
I think I’m just in Thyme to ask you… will you be my Valentine?
Thank you for showing me the Thyme of my life.

Coffee Valentine Puns

Is your valentine a big fan of coffee? Here are some special coffee themed Valentine puns and messages that they’ll certainly enjoy a Latte.

I love you a Latte, Valentine.

No words can Espresso how much you mean to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Will Brew be my Valentine?

You Mocha me so happy, Valentine.

Dearest valentine, where have you Bean all my life?

You’re so Brew-tiful, Valentine.

Tea Valentine Puns

If your valentine is a big fan of tea, then choosing an excellent tea-themed love pun is a must. But since finding the perfect Valentine’s tea pun is a Tea-m effort, here are some ideas to get you started:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hot-Tea.

I love you so Matcha. Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re clearly the perfect Matcha… so will you be my Valentine?

I want you as my valentine for Eterni-Tea.

Happy Valentine’s. Cute-Tea.

To my dear Sweet-Tea, Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are To-Tea-Ly my type. Be mine?

Hope you have a Tea-riffic Valentine’s Day!

You and I are the perfect Valentine’s Tea-m.

Other Valentine’s Day Food Puns

Last but not least, if none of those food Valentine puns above cut it for you, here are some final ones to keep the inspo going.

Please be my Valentine or you’ll be Bacon my heart.

Will you Bao my Valentine?
More bao puns here

I would Loaf if you were my Valentine.
My life would be Bread-er if you were my Valentine.

My life would be Butter if you were my Valentine.

I Cannoli be happy if you say yes to being my Valentine!

I Cereal-sly love you. Will you be my Valentine?

I love you a Choco-Lot, Valentine.

Not to be Crepe-y, but will you be my Valentine?

You Döner how much I want you to be my Valentine.

You donut know how much I want you to be my Valentine.

Dumplings (via this list from a Dumpling Thing):
I must confess my Fillings and ask you to be my Valentine!
You are Siu Mai Type. Will you be my Valentine?
I love you and Dim Sum, Valentine.
You’re Wonton a million, Valentine.

I must Éclair that you should be my Valentine.

You would be an Eggs-traordinary valentine.

I’ll always be your biggest Flan, Valentine.

I only have Fries for you… so will you be my Valentine?

Ice Cream:
You make me melt, Valentine.

I’d love it a Latke if you could be my Valentine.

I’m such a Sucker for you, so will you be my Valentine?

It would make Miso happy if you were my Valentine.

It would mean so Mochi to me if you were my Valentine.

I’m Nacho Valentine yet…. but can I be?

I’m nuts about you, Valentine.

Olive you, dear Valentine!

It’s im-Pasta-ble for me to not ask: will you be my Valentine?

Pho real: will you be my Valentine?

I’d like to Pick-le you to be my Valentine.

Truth is, I only have Pies for you, Valentine.

You’ve stolen a Pizza my heart! Will you be my Valentine?

Thank you for Pudding up with me, Valentine.

Thank you for Raisin my standards. You’re the only Valentine for me.

Allow me to be a hopeless Ramen-tic and ask: will you be my Valentine.

I Relish all our time together. Will you be my Valentine.

Everyday, I love you s’More, Valentine.

I am Soy into you. Will you be my Valentine?

You are such a Soup-er valentine!

It would Maki me so happy if you’d be my Valentine.
Thank you for being my Ebi-thing, Valentine.
I love the way you Roll. Will you be my Valentine?
You are so Raw-some, Valentine.

Let’s Taco bout how I can become your Valentine!

Udon know how badly I want to be your Valentine.

We hope you enjoyed this list of Valentine’s food puns!

Let us know in the comments which your favorites were, and of course feel free to drop any more suggestions in the comments. Best of luck!

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