20+ Thoughtful DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend (That He’s Sure to Love!)

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This ‘Kiss’mas, give your boyfriend some thoughtful DIY gifts that he’ll truly appreciate!

Below, we’ve assembled a list of DIY creative Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends (including craft, food, and drink-related projects) from various bloggers who break down the steps easily when you’re in a pinch to find something for your significant other.

All of these ideas are budget-friendly, simple, and quick to make, and your end gift will look as nice (or better) than something store-bought!

So, put on your Santa hat and gloves as we show you some of the best gifts to make your boyfriend this Christmas!

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DIY Crafty Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Handmade gifts are always the most thoughtful, so we’ve collected the best DIY craft ideas for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend. Whether bae is into tools or staying warm on the couch, this list has you covered for a variety of simple, inexpensive crafts that you can make with just a few supplies.

Upcycled Trinket Glass

Bae will love this handcrafted trinket glass upcycled from an old wine bottle! The custom etching looks extremely professional, and he’ll be mighty impressed when you tell him that you did this ALL by yourself.

Click here for the tutorial, via Dukes and Duchesses.

Leather Cord Organizer

This DIY cord organizer, made with upcycled pieces of leather fabric, makes a thoughtful gift idea for the special boy in your life. It’s something highly practical, and he’ll think of you every time he folds his cords neatly!

Click here for the tutorial, via Sustain My Craft Habit.

Upcycled Soap Dispenser

This easy soap dispenser is made from a repurposed liquor bottle and makes an easy DIY Christmas gift for any boyfriend! Plus, what kind of man wouldn’t want to pretend that he’s washing his hands with a fancy splash of Crown Royal in the morning?

Click here for the tutorial from Home Fresh Ideas.

soap dispenser
Photo via Home Fresh Ideas

Wire Photo Holder

For an extremely easy, lightweight gift for the BF this Christmas, make these wire photo holders!

They’re super simple to master, and all you need to do is print off some Polaroids or digital prints of some quality memories together. Within minutes, voila! – you’ve got yourself an incredibly thoughtful gift that he can always look at when he’s at his desk.

Click here for the tutorial (as well as four other DIY gift ideas) from Francine’s Place Blog.

Chunky Knit Blanket

For those who get to celebrate Christmas in a cold winter wonderland, this chunky knit blanket is the perfect gift for bae when you two want to cuddle up cozily in warmth. You’ll need to watch the video in the article on utilizing a technique called “arm-knitting,” but all your hard work will be worth it (especially since these blankets retail for hundreds of dollars online)!

Click here for the tutorial from The Wallet Moth.

Chunky knit blanket
Photo via The Wallet Moth

Grill Tool Organizer

Does your boyfriend love grilling on the BBQ? If so, this handy DIY grill tool organizer is the perfect gift – and it only takes about 1.5 hours to make!

The organizer has a beautiful ombre painted finish and doubles as a piece of art. He’ll be mightily impressed when you give him this on Christmas Day!

Click here for the tutorial from The County Chic Cottage.

Beer Caddy

This DIY homemade beer caddy is practically straight out of your boyfriend’s dreams. It can even be personalized with his first initial, adding a lovely touch. We can bet that all his friends will be envious of him when they see him carrying this around the backyard or inside the house!

Click here for the tutorial, via Chisel & Fork.

Beer caddy
Photo via Chisel & Fork

Upcycled Denim Quilt

Quilts are definitely not a traditional gift for a boyfriend, but what about one made out of upcycled old jeans? It’ll be a meaningful, creative gift that he definitely wouldn’t have ever received before!

Click here for the tutorial from Upcycle My Stuff.

Upcycled denim quilt
Photo via Upcycle My Stuff

Christmas Stocking Wine Dispenser

This Christmas stocking wine dispenser is not only super handy, but it’s possibly the most hilarious, innovative (and simple) gift you can make for bae!

After all, what good is a Christmas stocking if it can’t dispense wine? Your boyfriend will never go thirsty again during the holiday season!

Click here for the tutorial from Hello Sewing.

Christmas stocking wine dispenser
Photo via Hello Sewing

DIY Foodie Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Some of us aren’t the most crafty, and that’s absolutely fine. We have plenty of foodie ideas for Christmas gifts to make for your boyfriend that he’ll eat up in seconds (literally)!

Read on to find all the best recipes and our top picks for the cutest, most thoughtful gifts to package up for him this Christmas:

Toy Story Alien Pizza

If bae is an avid Toy Story (or general Disney) fan, he’ll love this adorable alien pizza that bakes up in about 15 minutes. The only problem is, he might not want to eat it – and no doubt, he’ll let out an “OoooOOOoooooh!” when he opens it. For extra detail, gift it in a mini (unused) pizza box!

Click here for the tutorial, from PB and J Adventure Book.

Decadent Fudge Brownies

These fudge brownies are so irresistible, you might end up having them all for yourself before gifting them to your boyfriend! This unique take on brownies uses Dutch process cocoa powder and optional chocolate chips (but c’mon, the more, the merrier!) that result in a gooey center of YUM with every bite.

Click here for the recipe, via Bake or Bust.

fudge brownies
Photo via Bake or Bust

Three-Layer Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownies

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so your boyfriend will love these delicious three-layer peanut butter cheesecake brownies! They’ll truly melt in his mouth and he’ll be begging for more once he eats all of them up.

Click here for the recipe from B4 and Afters.

Peanut butter cheesecake brownies
Photo via B4 and Afters

Snowball Cookies

These snowball cookies are the perfect homemade gifts for your boyfriend, and they only require seven ingredients!

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even stack them on top of each other to make snowmen. However, be prepared for your boyfriend to devour all of these in a flurry, since they’re that delicious!

Click here for the recipe, via Luv Ashland.

Snowball cookies
Photo via Luv Ashland

Edible Cookie Dough

Bae will drool over these three different varieties of edible cookie dough! And yes, despite it not being that healthy for us, it’s the holidays – ’tis the season to forgo all diets and waistlines!

Click here for the recipe, via B4 and Afters.

Sugar cookie dough
Photo via B4 and Afters

Three-Ingredient Sesame Seed Crunch

This is a popular candy recipe with many variations throughout Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian, and Asian cuisines. Plus, it only requires three ingredients and is a great treat for your boyfriend to enjoy on Christmas Day!

Click here for the recipe from Strength & Sunshine.

Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

These healthy three-ingredient old-fashioned peanut butter cookies are so quick and easy to make, that they’re bound to be the perfect gift for bae this Christmas.

Click here for the recipe from Strength & Sunshine.

Homemade Zelda Cake

For the extra ambitious girlfriends who have geeky gamer boyfriends, why not make this homemade Hylian shield cake from the Legend of Zelda?

While this might look daunting to assemble in the kitchen without him catching you, the end product is absolutely worth all of the work involved. And what kind of geek wouldn’t want to eat his very own Hylian shield?! You’ll win girlfriend of the century once you bake and gift this!

Click here for the recipe and tutorial.

Hylian Shield cake

X-Box Cake

If your boyfriend is glued to his X-box all day and night, this X-Box cake is the perfect homemade gift idea for Christmas.

You’ll know you nailed it absolutely perfectly if he can’t decide which one to devote his time to – this beautiful cake to indulge in, or his actual gaming console! Best of all, you can always reuse this idea for other special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries), and not just the holidays.

Click here for the recipe and tutorial.

DIY Christmas Drinks for Your Boyfriend

We all know that our boys love beverages just as much as their food. Here are two options for creative drinks to serve to your boyfriend this Christmas – one is alcoholic, and the other isn’t (but filled with protein), so you can make the best of both worlds!

Cranberry Christmas Mules

These cranberry Christmas Moscow Mules are fitting for the season and a great gift for bae. The raw cranberries and lime add that perfect finishing touch for a refreshing drink that he’ll be swooning for more!

Click here for the recipe, via Luv Ashland.

cranberry moscow mules
Photo via Luv Ashland

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

Okay, so we all know about PSL season at Starbucks – but have you ever heard of a pumpkin pie protein smoothie?! This delicious drink can be made throughout the fall season (yes, it’s perfect for the holidays) and literally only takes five minutes to make.

Pop it in a mason jar or serve it to your boyfriend (and family) for your Christmas feast, and watch the compliments flow in!

Click here for the recipe from Bake or Bust.

Pumpkin pie protein smoothie
Photo via Bake or Bust

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of thoughtful DIY Christmas gifts for your boyfriend!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for Christmas gifts that you’ve made for your boyfriend in the past, drop a comment below! We love spreading the ideas for how to show our appreciation for our other halves.

Boyfriend and girlfriend during holidays
Photo via Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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