40+ Kylo Ren Gifts for Star Wars Fans & Ben Swolo Lovers

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Surrender to the dark side, you must!

If you (or a friend, or anyone special in your life) have fully pledged your allegiance to the First Order (along with your undying soul to Kylo), this list of gifts is for you.

Whether you’re looking for some general dark side-themed Star Wars gifts or full-blown gifts that display copious amounts of affection for Ben Swolo, we’ve painstakingly researched the web for the best, most creative, and ingenious gifts that will be sure to send any fan to literal heaven once they open them.

Have your lightsaber at the ready, pop this video on for some fitting background music, and let’s show you the best Kylo gifts in the galaxy!

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The Best Kylo Ren Gifts for Star Wars Fans

From typical gifts like a Kylo Ren costume, to more general things like a First Order leather wallet, we’ve compiled this section to give you the best ideas on what to buy for anyone who appreciates and loves Star Wars. Gear up with your credit card as we blast you into the wonderful galaxy full of Kylo-rific gifts!

1. These Adorable Kylo Lightsaber Earrings

These Kylo lightsaber earrings are absolutely perfect for anyone who likes Kylo and/or the dark side.

These are minimalistic enough to be subtle touches of Star Wars if one doesn’t like showing off his/her geeky side that much, and they’re also perfect to pop into a stocking or as a little surprise gift.

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Kylo earrings
Photo via earRING it Up on Etsy

For an alternative take on these earrings, check out this pair from earRING it Up as well:

Kylo LEGO earrings
Photo via earRING it Up on Etsy

2. This Fancy Kylo Dueling Lightsaber

This is the best of the best gift you can give someone who is a true believer in the dark side. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber comes with 11 interchangeable colors, six custom sound fonts, flash on clash effects, AND is meant for duelling! You can also get the official Kylo “deluxe” lightsaber from shopDisney here (while supplies last), but we personally think this one from Artsabers is even better.

Whether you’ll be keeping one for yourself or gifting it, it’s truly the coolest thing to display proudly when folks come over.

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Kylo Ren lightsaber
Photo via Artsabers on Etsy

3. These Cool Kylo Cufflinks

Whether you’re gifting for a wedding, birthday, or a coworker, these Kylo cufflinks will stand out and garner lots of compliments. No one will want to mess with them once they see these attached to their dress shirt!

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Kylo cufflinks
Photo via Framed Creation on Etsy

4. This Sith Wayfinder Replica

True Kylo fans understand how mind-blowingly awesome this Sith Wayfinder replica model is. It can be purchased with or without the light (but c’mon, the light is what makes this so cool – and it can be used as a nightlight!). This is a 3D-printed highly-detailed replica (and one of the closest models to the actual one in the film).

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Sith wayfinder
Photo via Wix Workshop on Etsy

5. This Badass Kylo Ren Costume

You didn’t expect us to leave out the full-blown Kylo garb in this list, did you? This Kylo costume comes with the whole shebang – mask, robes, belt, scarf, tunic, gloves, and pants. It’s perfect for any dedicated fan; plus, who says you can’t go shopping in this?

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6. This Light-Up Kylo Ren Helmet

You can’t have the full Kylo costume without the helmet! While the costume linked above already comes with one, this light-up helmet is guaranteed to be a hit with any Kylo Ren fan, and the perfect addition to anyone’s collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

After all, you can never have too much Kylo gear, right?

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7. This Kylo Whiskey Glass

For all the whiskey connoisseurs out there, this Kylo laser-engraved glass is the perfect match.

It’s affordable, makes a beautiful gift, and is an ideal way to always be channeling the Dark Side while sipping some of your fave adult beverages (preferably while watching Episodes VII – IX).

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Whiskey mug
Photo via Laser Engraved Merch on Etsy

If your recipient prefers shot glasses over whiskey glasses, check out this set (sold in sets of 4-6, or individually, based on character):

Star Wars shotglasses
Photo via The Lab Rat Society on Etsy

8. This 3D-Printed Ben Solo Lightsaber

For those who want a fancy lightsaber but might not be able to afford the expensive ones (or actual replicas) online, this 3D-printed Ben Solo lightsaber is the perfect gift, whether it’s for yourself or an avid Star Wars fan.

The saber has a flared pommel and is made of high quality plastic and painted with acrylic paint. This is the saber that Ben Solo wields as a Jedi Padawan before falling to the dark side – and it’s pretty darn cool!

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3D printed lightsaber
Photo via Nataliya Platova on Etsy

9. This First Order Leather Wallet

For those who really want to show which side they’re on, get them this First Order leather wallet. It’s uniquely handcrafted with natural leather and even comes with personalization (your name or text of your preference). It’s definitely a cool way to make your wallet stand out from all others!

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First Order wallet
Photo via Artyy Gifts House on Etsy

10. This Rad Kylo/Ben Solo Shirt

This Kylo Ren/Ben Solo mashup shirt is a must-have for any Star Wars fan (especially ones who vibe with the dark side!). It’s unisex, designed by the shop owner, and will undoubtedly become one of your go-to shirts.

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Ben Solo and Kylo Ren shirt
Photo via Toppletomr on Etsy

Or, maybe this First Order vibes tee is more your fashion:

First Order vibes tee
Photo via Parker and Dee on Etsy

11. This Cuddly Kylo Fleece Blanket

There’s no better way to showcase your allegiance to the Supreme Leader than with this warm fleece Kylo blanket. It’s available in four sizes (ranging from a baby blanket to gigantic) and perfect for snuggling under when watching Episodes VII – IX on repeat.

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Kylo fleece blanket
Photo via Cozy Blankets Home on Etsy

12. This Incredible LED Death Star Clock

Always forgetting the time? Never fear – this light-up Death Star clock has you covered! This vinyl record clock is the perfect addition to any room in your house, and it’ll hopefully push you to become the best Sith Lord as possible (in your home, that is).

Its silhouette design and red/orange/white LED lights truly give it an extra special Star Wars-y feel in the dark. This is the clock you’re looking for!

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dark side clock
Photo via Razvi Vasha on Etsy

13. These Subtle Kylo-Inspired Outfits

For a subtle gift that can worn on an everyday basis, check out this black pullover sweater that comes up specifically when searching “Kylo Ren outfit” on Amazon. It gives off serious Kylo vibes (especially with the turtleneck style that could double as his scarf), and it’s super fashionable for both men and women!

You can reuse it for multiple general outfits in the fall and winter, or if you’re cosplaying/bounding as your fave Siths from the dark side.

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For the ladies, this poncho tunic dress/top is the perfect way to channel your inner dark side:

14. These Light-Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

These light-up lightsaber chopsticks are the EPITOME of cool! They’re especially great for kids who are just learning to use chopsticks (and need further incentive to eat their veggies). Just don’t be surprised if a lightsaber duel breaks out at dinnertime with them!

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15. This Kylo Lightsaber Bookmark

How cool is this laser-engraved lightsaber bookmark?! If you’re looking for a creative gift for someone who loves books as much as they do Kylo, this is the perfect item. It’s also cut from black-stained real hardwood plywood, and it’s the lightest version of a lightsaber that you can get.

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Kylo laser-engraved bookmark
Photo via Vector Engraving on Etsy

16. This Cute Kylo Ren Crochet Toy

This Kylo crochet toy (amigurumi), completely hand sewn and designed by Crochet Geek Toys, is irresistibly adorable.

The best part is how his mask AND coat can be removed, so he basically comes with various looks. He’s the perfect addition to any mantel place, book shelf, or work station (and he might even distract you, because you’ll be staring at how cute he is all day).

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Kylo crochet toy
Photo via Crochet Geek Toys on Etsy

17. This Hooded Kylo Towel

This hooded Kylo towel makes the perfect gift for anyone of all ages! It can even be used in place of a costume as a much more affordable (and useful) option. If you really want to go full Kylo, the hood will cover your entire face and send you completely to the dark side.

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Kylo hooded towel
Photo via Jack and Lils Workshop on Etsy

18. This 8-Bit Kylo

This 8-bit Kylo is the cutest little creation in the galaxy. Best of all, he props up on his First Order stand, so you can display him wherever you please! This makes the cutest gift, especially if the recipient is a gaming geek (which we’d also assume, since all of us Star Wars fans are a bit geeky around here).

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8-bit Kylo Ren
Photo via Fearma Art on Etsy

19. This Epic Kylo Poster

This epic Kylo canvas poster comes in eight different sizes, so you’ll never be far from your fave villain if you so choose.

It’s the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, or heck, even the kitchen or bathroom. After all, who wouldn’t want this famous baddie staring down at you while you make your coffee every morning?

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Kylo poster
Photo via Canvas Black Design on Etsy

20. This Reusable Kylo Starbucks Tumbler

Okay, who wouldn’t want to rock up to Starbucks with this reusable tumbler covered with a giant Kylo mask? It’s also the best deterrent – a way to tell people to stay far, far away from your coffee (or else!).

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Kylo Starbucks tumbler
Photo via Three Wishes Co Shop on Etsy

21. This LEGO Kylo Keychain

Who doesn’t love LEGO – especially when it’s LEGO Kylo?! This mini LEGO Kylo keychain is the perfect gift for any occasion, and you can clip him onto a gift tag or ribbon for that final Star Wars touch.

For extra points, gift this to your bae to put on his keys, so you can always have a little hint of Kylo nearby (true story: I did this).

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While we’re on the LEGO train, might as well throw in this LEGO Brickheadz Kylo:

And lastly, this tiny LEGO model of Kylo and his shuttle microfighter rounds up the perfect set of LEGO gifts:

22. This Mickey Kylo Magnet

This Mickey Kylo magnet is absolutely adorable – and it can be personalized with your name! It’s a no-brainer to gift one of these to a Disney/Kylo fan (the two go hand in hand, right?) to display proudly on their fridge, mirrors, or any other magnetic wall.

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Mickey Kylo
Photo via Magically by Molly on Etsy

23. This Light-Up, Talking Lightsaber Toothbrush

This lightsaber toothbrush for kids glows for a full minute while the kiddies brush their teeth AND has Kylo (or Rey) voice effects! You can choose between green, blue, and red, and just as in a regular saber, you press the button to activate the timer and light. Star Wars fans will go nuts for this!

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24. This Kylo Coffee Cozy

For the coffee lovers who never like burning their hands on a hot cuppa, gift this Kylo coffee cozy to them so they can carry it around everywhere in times of need. Plus, it’s a way to make a dull coffee cup look spectacular (with just a touch of the dark side).

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Kylo coffee cozy
Photo via Once Upon a Cozy on Etsy

25. This Kylo “itty bittys” Doll

For the kids and avid toy collectors, this Kylo itty bittys doll from Hallmark is an ideal gift that is lightweight, cute, and perfect for displaying anywhere. A true must-have for anyone who is dedicated to showing their support for the dark side!

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Ben Swolo and Kylo Ren Gifts for Avid Stans

We’re well aware that Kylo Ren has become quite the internet sensation, especially after The Last Jedi was released (hello, Ben Swolo – *whistles*).

Below, you’ll find some Kylo Ren gift ideas for particularly enthused fangirls – the ones who would pledge their souls and give anything to be with a redeemed Ben Solo, or to “save Ben Solo.” So, read on for our roundup of the best Ben Swolo and Kylo gifts… mainly meant for the most dedicated of stans!

26. These Creative Light-Up Lightsaber Kylo Mickey Ears

If you’re an avid Disney parks-goer and want to flaunt your Kylo pride, these amazing lightsaber Kylo Mickey ears light up with the click of a button! They’re some of the coolest creations we’ve seen, so we can bet that anyone who receives these will be in absolute awe. Various styles and prints are available (see below).

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27. This Special Edition Kylo Gift Set

This special edition Kylo gift set comes with all the goods – “Kiss me, Kylo” lip balm, a scented candle, and a Kylo mug. It’s the absolute perfect gift for every girl who swoons over Kylo and wants to feel close to him on a daily basis (not that we’re encouraging this).

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Kylo Ren gift set
Photo via Salty and Lit on Etsy

If you’re just looking for a candle by itself that reminds you of Kylo’s dreaminess, then check out this blackberry frankincense and cardamom cedar blossom scented candle:

Scented Kylo candle
Photo via Cowboy and Cricket on Etsy

Or, this scented soy wax Kylo candle (leather and midsummers night) that has the coolest branding:

Kylo candle
Photo via Mysteries of Mayhem on Etsy

Speaking of good scents: Check out this article on a Draco Malfoy cologne, made famous by TikTok!

28. This Sweater that Belongs to Ben Solo

This sweater is a must-have for any Ben Solo fan. It’s so simple and minimalistic, and yet it means everything – and is probably one of the coziest sweaters available on the web. If you’re gifting for the winter season, definitely think about ordering one for a Ben Solo fanatic (or even yourself).

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Ben Solo sweater
Photo via Friday Apparel

Or, if someone’s love for Ben Solo is blatantly obvious, this sweater is perfect for them (which comes in an array of different text colors, with or without glitter):

Ben Solo hoodie
Photo via Wild Card Market on Etsy

Or, for a more subtle spin on the iconic end credits, gift this redeemed Ben Solo sweater:

In honor of redeemed Ben Solo
Photo via bitchincosplay on Etsy

29. This Ben Swolo Thirst Pin

This “thirst” pin is an absolute must-have for every true Ben Swolo stan. It’s like the gift you never knew you needed… until you see it. Plus, you can pin it to your finest Sith (or Jedi) robes to showcase your pride – it’s definitely a conversation-starter!

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Ben Swolo pin
Photo via Lanny Liu on Etsy

Or, check out this Ben Swolo pin if you’re interested in something that displays more of his svelte physique:

Ben Swolo pin
Photo via Alagaesha on Etsy

30. This 3D-Printed Ben Swolo Figure

This 3D-printed Ben Swolo figure can be shipped in various sizes (“how swole do you want to go?”). You can also choose a colored model, where parts are printed separately and fitted together, or a clean white model, printed in one piece.

As described in InIteration’s description: “This pocket-sized action figure can show you the ways of the Force, provided you have a protein shake.” We can’t stop laughing at how hilariously amazing this gift is.

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3D printed Ben Swolo
Photo via InIteration on Etsy

31. This Kylo Scented Soap

If you want the scent of Kylo to “be with you” at all times, you’ll need this handcrafted, all natural, vegan soap. It’s also designed with the perfect Kylo tones of red and black, so you can feel like you’re truly getting the full experience of him.

With hints of cedar, saffron, and patchouli, “this soap’s scent takes you to the dark side aboard the First Order’s Finalizer with Kylo Ren.” It has a strikingly similar aroma to the “leather and embers” candle that went viral on TikTok earlier this year, so who wouldn’t want this incredible soap in their bathroom and kitchen?!

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Kylo Ren soap
Photo via Claireified by Claire on Etsy

32. This Kylo Charm Necklace

For the girls who want to have a piece of Kylo on them 24/7, this charm necklace will answer all their prayers. Handcrafted to look like a vintage boutique accessory, this item is the best way to keep Kylo close to one’s heart. It’s just subtle enough that people might even mistake him for being your boyfriend!

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Kylo charm necklace
Photo via Starrr Jewellery on Etsy

Or, alternatively, you can gift this stunning blue Kyber crystal necklace, with Ben’s name attached:

Kyber crystal necklace
Photo via Brookie Bee Boutique on Etsy

Or, this stunning Kylo gold flake necklace, which is perfect for those who prefer minimalistic jewelry:

Kylo Ren necklace
Photo via Tuftebo Design on Etsy

Or, this Kylo necklace (with one Ben charm thrown in). Just a word of caution: this one isn’t ideal if you’re indecisive, or you’ll most likely end up buying them all.

Kylo Ren necklaces
Photo via Yaz the Angel on Etsy

33. This Ben Solo Charm Bracelet

This handmade Ben Solo charm bracelet will truly make all the stans go, “OMG! I need that!” Forget Alex & Ani and Pandora– this charm bangle is the most beautiful creation for every avid Ben Solo fan. The intricate charms around it (including the Rebel Alliance charm and the “Rise up!” quote engraved in back of the Ben charm) make this bracelet even more special for gifting to any Star Wars fan.

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Kylo charm bracelet
Photo via Yaz the Angel on Etsy

Or, check out this beautiful Kylo crystal bracelet that allows you to channel your inner Zen while still having a piece of your bae close to you:

Kylo crystal bracelet
Photo via Mindfully Modern Shop on Etsy

34. This Kylo Seatbelt Cover

For those who want Kylo close to them EVERYWHERE, including the car, check out this Kylo-inspired seatbelt cover. It’s handcrafted, made with faux Sherpa fur, and such a great subtly geek addition to your Starfighter (er, we mean – car).

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Kylo seatbelt cover
Photo via Chic and Geeks on Etsy

35. This “Kylo is Bae” Sticker

Every dedicated Kylo stan has to showcase her love, right? This “Kylo is bae” sticker is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to proudly display their love for Kylo on their laptop, phone, binder, anything. They’re printed on high-quality vinyl that ensure you won’t have any bubbles when applying them, and best of all, they’re super affordable for a lifetime of pride on display for the world to see!

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Kylo is bae sticker
Photo via Leela by Florina on Etsy

36. This “Mrs. Ben Solo” Engraved Necklace

Tiffany & Co., who? It’s all about this stunning Mrs. Ben Solo necklace! For those particularly infatuated with the redeemed baddie, gift this to yourself and wear it around proudly. Best of all, it’s a sterling silver pendant and chain available in three colors: white rhodium, 18K rose gold (pictured below), and 24K gold.

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Mrs. Ben Solo necklace
Photo via Friday Apparel

37. This “Crushing Hard on Redeemed Ben Solo” Mug

Okay, so maybe you only started crushing hard on Kylo when he was redeemed as Ben (no spoiler alert, since you should have all watched The Rise of Skywalker like 220 times since it was released).

This mug is perfect for those who began their crush faze a bit later (but better late than never, right?). Only the true stans will get it when you drink your coffee out of this mug.

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Ben Solo mug
Photo via Oh Thats Perfect Co. on Etsy

38. This Dazzling Kylo Keychain

For the Kylo stans who want everyone to know about their bae whenever the keys come out, check out this Kylo keychain, complete with a Death Star.

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Kylo keychain
Photo via Yaz the Angel on Etsy

39. This Framed Kylo Quote

For anyone who needs an iconic Kylo quote framed for their night stand, this one will do the trick. It has a stand and wall hook, so you can even choose to hang it up in your bedroom (if you so please).

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Kylo framed quote
Photo via Striking Gifts on Etsy

40. This Nifty Kylo Ren Keychain

Perhaps you (or a friend) would like Kylo to dangle precariously from your purse, backpack, or bag at all times? This Kylo resin keychain is perfect for showing off your fangirlness (or undying devotion) to bae, and the gold flakes embedded in its design are a stunning touch.

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Kylo Ren keychain
Photo via Estabend on Etsy

41. These Kylo Ren Shirts That Tell it Like it is

If ya girl likes coffee, puns, AND Kylo, this shirt is definitely for her. Note the sensible mask-wearing of Kylo on the print, as well! She’ll love this so much, she’ll probably end up sleeping in it.

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Dark side coffee/men shirt
Photo via Jasco Goods on Etsy

Or, maybe you fancy this “Mentally Dating Kylo Ren” tee:

Mentally dating Kylo Ren
Photo via Friday Apparel

Or, perhaps this “President of the Ben Solo Fan Club” tee is more your speed, which can be color customized. This is a surefire way to make new Ben Solo-lovin’ friends.

NOTE: The miscellaneous accessories below are not included with the shirt

Ben Solo fanclub
Photo via Three Wishes Co Shop on Etsy

Or, this tee that shows everyone who your heart belongs to:

Bad boy Kylo shirt
Photo via Octostachee on Etsy

Or, this “If lost, return to Kylo” shirt, that will REALLY show people who your Supreme Leader is:

Kylo shirt
Photo via Bounding in Style on Etsy

42. This Ben Solo Felt Figure

This Ben Solo felt figure can be purchased in a variety of options: as is, with a pin backing, magnet, ribbon, or framed. He’s the perfect gift for any true Ben Solo stan, and he’ll adorn your Christmas tree beautifully! And how cute is that glitter saber of his?

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Kylo Ren felt figure
Photo via Felt Phantom on Etsy

The shop also features a Ben Swolo felt figure:

Kylo Ben Swolo ornament
Photo via Felt Phantom on Etsy

43. This “Matt the Radar Technician” Poster

Any true Kylo stan will get the reference to this iconic poster immediately (or at least the 53+ million viewers on YouTube will). And what better way to commemorate Matt the Radar Technician than to put him up in your living room, right?!

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Matt the Radar technician poster
Photo via PostArtsy on Etsy

DIY Kylo Ren/Ben Swolo Gift Ideas

If you want to give someone some Kylo/Ben Swolo swag but might not have the budget right now, here are some cheap, easy DIY gift ideas to spark your creativity:

Speaking of baddies: If you love Kylo, you should check out this article on the best gifts for Draco Malfoy lovers, as well! DracoTok, anyone?

We hope you enjoyed this list of Kylo Ren gifts!

Whether you’re gifting for a friend, daughter/son, coworker, girlfriend, or even yourself (have no shame!), we hope you found this list of Kylo/Ben Swolo gift ideas helpful. If you have any other suggestions for Kylo gift ideas, please drop a comment below!

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