40+ Thoughtful DIY Stocking Stuffers (That Everyone is Sure to Love!)

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This Christmas, why not make some stocking stuffers for loved ones that are ‘tree’mendously creative?

There’s something for everyone on this list, from DIY gift ideas for Mom and Dad to the kids and beaus. The best part? You don’t need to be a professional crafter in order to create these simple and fun DIY projects –they’re easy enough to finish a few in a full day!

So, save time, stress, and money by handcrafting your stocking stuffers this year… here are some wonderful ideas to add to your list!

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DIY Stocking Stuffers for Him

Looking for nifty ideas to gift him? Check out a few of these DIY stocking stuffer ideas (all are also appropriate for Dad or your brothers).

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Game of Thrones Wreath

Okay, so this one might not fit in his stocking – but it’s super cool, nonetheless! You have the choice of assembling this wreath from scratch, or picking up a pre-made one (that might save time). The Game of Thrones ornaments add the best touch, and prove that you don’t need to only hang ornaments on Christmas trees to stay festive!

Click here for the article from Popcorner Reviews.

Earbud Pouch

This sew circle DIY earbud pouch is perfect for any boys in your family! It’ll also store coins and other bits n’ bobs that boys end up accumulating, and it can be easily clipped to their keys.

Click here for the tutorial from Happiest Camper.

Earbud pouch
Photo via Happiest Camper

DIY Stocking Stuffers for Her

From homemade journals to bath salts, we’ve got all the best ideas for DIY stocking stuffers for her this Christmas. Read on for more inspiration!

Homemade Lip Balm

Homemade lip balm made with olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, local honey, and peppermint essential oil is a practical stocking stuffer. This is an inexpensive DIY project you can make at home in just 15 minutes!

Click here for the tutorial, via The Rising Spoon.

lip balm with olive oil
Photo via The Rising Spoon

For another take on DIY lip balm, check out this Christmas-esque cranberry lip balm that you can make. Click here for the tutorial from Tikkido.

Cranberry lip balm
Photo via Tikkido

Paper Journal

This DIY paper journal is the perfect handmade gift for the stationery lover in your life. This project can be made in just a few minutes, and it makes an incredibly crafty, colorful gift that has the perfect amount of thoughtfulness and care included.

Click here for the tutorial from Francine’s Place Blog.

Peppermint Bath Salts

These peppermint bath salts are the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas. They smell incredible and they’re perfectly easy to make and split into mason jars, packaged with some decorative string. She’ll be mighty impressed when she hears that you handmade this!

Click here for the tutorial from Honey & Lime.

Peppermint bath salts
Photo via Honey & Lime

Christmas Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are the easiest, quickest answer to most people’s gifting woes. Instead of just popping it in a card for her, why not handcraft this extra special Christmas gift card holder? They’re better than any ordinary gift card holder, and she may even use them for storing her credit cards (two gifts in one!).

Click here for the tutorial, via Apple Green Cottage.

Homemade Scrunchies

This popular trend from the ’80s and ’90s is slowly making a comeback, and it’s the perfect gift for her this holiday season! You can personalize this gift even further by picking out the cutest fabric that she’ll love.

Click here for the tutorial from Hip Homeschool Moms – it includes both sewing AND non-sewing versions for you to enjoy!

To learn how to make a bow scrunchie with a little extra flair, check out this idea. Click here for the tutorial from Sew Simple Home:

Scrunchie pattern
Photo via Sew Simple Home

Teabag Mini Wallet

This teabag wallet is perfect for fitting her fave teas into the convenience of her pocket (or purse). Plus, it’s not just useful for teabags – she’ll be able to fit all sorts of other knickknacks inside (and some spare cash). It’s a great gift for her if she’s always on the go or traveling a lot!

Click here for the tutorial, via Christine’s Crafts.

Sleep Mask

What better gift to give Mom than a beautifully handcrafted sleep mask (that she’ll surely use)? This is a fast, easy DIY project requiring minimal materials (but a whole lot of love and thoughtfulness).

Click here for the tutorial from Sew Simple Home.

Sleep mask
Photo via Sew Simple Home

DIY Stocking Stuffers for Kids

There’s no better feeling than seeing the joy on kids’ faces when they open up Christmas gifts. But shopping in large families can get extremely costly, which is why we’ve curated this list of the cutest, simplest, and most creative DIY stocking stuffer ideas for kids!

Most of these are so easy, you can create a few within a day and have enough to spread across all the kiddies’ stockings.

Candy Bar Snowman Craft

Wrap an ordinary candy bar into these darling snowmen, and your little ones might not even know that there’s a goodie underneath it! This is an incredible easy, fun, and cheap stocking stuffer than anyone of all ages will appreciate (but the kids will love it the most).

Click here for the tutorial via She Saved.

Candybar snowman
Photo via She Saved

Pearl Hair Clips & Barrettes

These DIY pearl hair clips and barrettes are a cute and easy to make handmade gifts for the girls in your family. They can also be gifted to adults, since they’re the perfect hair accessories that will make anyone feel like a proper princess.

Click here for the tutorial from Francine’s Place Blog.

The Labyrinth Doll

Whether or not the kids have seen Jim Henson’s The Labyrinth, this homemade doll is an adorable stocking stuffer for them. It’s the perfect project to hone up on your sewing skills, AND it’s an affordable gift to make (much cheaper than buying the actual plush online!).

Click here for the article from Luv Ashland.

Labyrinth doll
Photo via Luv Ashland

Upcycled Winter Hat

The kids will love this cozy winter hat, and they’ll never know that you fashioned it out of old wool sweaters! It takes less than 15 minutes to make, and it’s a great gift to tuck into the little ones’ stockings.

Click here for the tutorial from Merriment Design.

upcycled winter hat
Photo via Merriment Design

DIY Stocking Stuffers for Mom

This Christmas, give Mom some homemade gifts that she’ll absolutely love and cherish. This list has some incredible ideas for you to derive inspiration from and gather up the materials for some quality DIY projects.

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Ribbon Bookmarks

If Mom is a bookworm, these beautiful ribbon bookmarks will truly ‘charm’ her! They’re lightweight, simple to make, and adorable stocking stuffers that end up being incredibly useful any time of year.

Click here for the tutorial from Hip Homeschool Moms.

Chapstick Holder Keychain

This Christmas, give Mom something that she can use every day AND clip it to her purse! This chapstick holder keychain is an adorable, creative way to show Mom how much you care.

Click here for the tutorial from Happiest Camper.

Chapstick holder keychain
Photo via Happiest Camper

For a different take on this gift, try this DIY lip balm holder. Click here for the tutorial from Confessions of an Overworked Mom.

DIY Tea Bags

Who doesn’t enjoy a great cup of tea? These homemade bags of quality loose-leaf tea make a cozy and healthy alternative to the usual sweet treats. Add custom tea-tab labels to make this DIY extra personal for Mom this Christmas!

Click here for the tutorial from Pretty Delightful DIY Gifts.

Snowman Bath Bombs

These easy-to-make, super cute bath bombs are an easy (but useful) DIY stocking stuffer for Mom. While these run fairly expensive in store, they’re a breeze of a budget project to craft at home!

Click here for the tutorial from BREA Getting Fit.

snowman bath bombs
Photo via BREA Getting Fit

Peppermint Soap in a Jar

Gifting homemake peppermint soap in a jar is the perfect stocking stuffer for Mom this Christmas! This is an ideal pampering gift that you can include with some peppermint bath salts, and the printable and packaging is extra creative and fun.

Click here for the tutorial from The Country Chic Cottage.

Beeswax Wraps

These beeswax wraps can be made from any type of fabric that Mom will love. They’re the perfect homemade stocking stuffer and especially useful for food storage (and eco-friendly)!

Click here for the tutorial, via Reduce Reuse Renew.

Pocket-Sized Tissue Holder

Mom will find this pocket-sized tissue holder incredibly useful for any season (especially with her Mary Poppins bag full of goodies, right?). You can customize this with any type of fabric you want, and it’s a very easy project for a nifty stocking stuffer!

Click here for the tutorial, via Sum of Their Stories.

Test Tube Dried Flowers and Herbs

These test tube dried flowers and herbs are perfect for stocking stuffers for Mom. Not only do they look like a pro made them, but they’re perfect for keeping around the house and being a permanent part of home decor!

Click here for the tutorial from Hearth & Vine.

Dried flowers and herbs
Photo via Hearth & Vine

Lemon and Oatmeal Soap

Useful DIY gifts are always appreciated at Christmas. Tuck these easy-to-make, beautiful handmade oatmeal and lemon soaps into Mom’s stocking, and watch her face light up when she hears that you made them yourself!

Click here for the tutorial, via Merriment Design.

lemon and oatmeal soap
Photo via Merriment Design

For another nifty soap idea, check out these miniature glitter Christmas tree soaps. They’re the cutest gifts to package up and place in Mom’s stocking, and she’ll think they’re the most adorable soaps ever!

Click here for the tutorial, via Tikkido.

Miniature soaps
Photo via Tikkido

For another idea, you can also make homemade lavender soap for Mom. Click here for the tutorial from Feast for a Fraction.

Rose Gold Bath Bombs

These stunning rose gold bath bombs are perfect for popping into Mom’s stocking. Not only are they a great way for her to relax and treat herself to a therapeutic bath during the holiday season, but they also smell dazzling – they’re sprinkled with real rose petals!

Click here for the tutorial from Adventures of a Military Family of 8.

DIY Stocking Stuffers for Dad

Dad might not be one to hand make gifts for others, but he’s usually a handyman when it comes to everything else. Thus, why not show him how much you appreciate all the times he played Mr. Fix It for you by making him some of these DIY stocking stuffer ideas?

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Savory Rosemary Spiced Nuts

This easy recipe for savory rosemary spiced nuts can be made in less than 30 minutes. Each bite has an addicting blend of salty, herbaceous, and slightly spicy n’ sweet flavors. The longer they sit, the better they taste, which makes them an excellent option for make-ahead holiday gifts & stocking stuffers!

Click here for the recipe from The Rising Spoon.

Photo via The Rising Spoon

Pillow Stand for Electronics

Sure, we all love the comfort of pillows – so why not give Dad’s precious electronics the same luxurious treatment? Dad will love these useful mini pillow stands to support his phone, iPad, and just about every other electronic gizmo he owns. He’ll never have a sore hand again from having to hold up his phone to read his screens!

Click here for the tutorial from Hello Sewing.

DIY phone pillow stand
Photo via Hello Sewing

Beard Balm

This simple DIY beard balm is the perfect stocking stuffer for Dad if he has a Santa-esque beard that constantly needs grooming. He’ll look polished and refreshed after using this – and be sure to watch for his reaction when you tell him that you made this all by yourself!

Click here for the tutorial from Happiest Camper.

Beard balm
Photo via Happiest Camper

We hope you enjoyed this ultimate list of DIY stocking stuffers!

Let us know if you have another creative idea for a homemade stocking stuffer that we missed! We hope that this list helped ease your Christmas shopping woes and helped you discover some easy, budget-friendly ideas for gifts that will make anyone happy this season.

Christmas stockings
Photo via Mariana Rascao on Unsplash

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