50+ Ghost Puns & Jokes that Will Make You #InstaGhouls

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On the hunt for the best ghost puns and jokes on the Internet?

Whether you’re looking for some fun ghost-related wordplay to spice up an Instagram caption, or seeking some inspiration for a handwritten note (or spooky basket perhaps?), this list is here to help – with a boo-tiful assortment of ghost puns that will haunt your loved ones for weeks to come.

We hope you enjoy this epic roundup of puns about ghosts! Be warned – they’re pretty a-boo-ndant.

General Ghost Puns& Wordplay FOR instagram Captions

Feeling a little pale today, but I guess that’s just how life ghost.

Wouldn’t you agree that I’m #CostumeGhouls today?

It’s like they say – ghouls just wanna have fun.

I usually ghost others but today it appears I’ve ghosted myself.

You know what they say – if you’ve got it, haunt it.

West ghost, best ghost! (Or if you’re on the East coast, then East ghost, best ghost!)

The ghost is clear – time to party!

You’re the one that I haunt, you are the one I haunt… boo boo boo!

Sorry I can’t spend Halloween with you all, but rest assured I’ll be there…. in spirit ; )

Oh sheet. Is it Halloween again already?

And so it ghost…

Boo puns for ghoulish halloween captions

We love the word boo… so wonderfully punnable and easy to insert into any festive phrase! Below, you’ll find some of our favorite Halloweeny boo puns that are perfect for cute little notes or Halloween Instagram captions.

I’m a savage – classy, boo-gie, ratchet.

I’d like some boos please.

Having an unboo-lievable time this Halloween!

Feeling pretty boo-tiful today.

Like my costume? Thanks, I got it from a really nice boo-tique.

Boo-lieve it or not, I decided to dress up as a ghost this year.

How do I look? I got lots of boo-ty sleep last night… can you tell?

I love Halloween because I get to go boo-nanas.

Feeling fa-boo-lous today.

Wishing you all a spooktacular Halloween full of boos.

I pity the ghoul who doesn’t get to spend Halloween with me!

You better have more boos for me, or you’ll feel my Wraith.

I have to say, celebrating Halloween has really boo-sted my mood.

It’s Halloween! Time to boo-gie.

I’ve been ghosted by all my friends this year, so who wants to boo-gie with me?

Well, you know what they say… just boo it!


Have I dressed up like a ghost before…? I swear I’m getting déjà boo.

Ghost Pun Names

Looking for some clever ghost names that play off of real-life names and celebrities? Here are a few spooky ghost pun names for you!

Paula Ab-Ghoul

Tom Boos

Morgue-on Freeman

Leonardo DeCapitated

Mariah Scary



Justin Boo-ber

Halle Boo-ry

Ari-haunta Grande

Boos Willis

Jack Ni-Ghoulson

Ghoul Sprouse

Dead Danson

Tomb Hanks

Scare-n Gillen

Funny Ghost Jokes

Okay fine, these ghost one-liners are more like dad jokes at their worst, but we have a hard time boo-lieving you won’t at least crack a smile. Here are some funny ghost jokes to bust out at your Halloween gathering:

Why do ghosts go to bars?
To get sheet faced.

What did the ghost say when he proposed?
You and I boo-long together.

What do pandas like to eat when they become ghosts?

What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?
I scream.

What sound do ghosts make when they cry?
Boo hoo.

What do you call a ghost that is a total cheapskate?
A bargain haunter.

What’s a ghost’s favorite refreshing soft drink?
Ghoul Aid.

Why do ghosts not like to dance?
They have no body to dance with.

Have any more ghost puns to share?

We hope you enjoyed our epic roundup of ghost and boo puns… but hey, if you have more you’d like to add to the list, comment below and share with us your best!

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