99+ Halloween Puns & Jokes for Eerie-sistible Instagram Captions

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Hands down, one of the best parts of Halloween for us is busting out our stockpile of fun Halloween puns and jokes that we save all year for the occasion.

What better way to finish off an Instagram caption or decorate a fun sign than with the perfect piece of Halloweeny wordplay?

Trust us, with the right pun, everyone will see you as total #Ghouls.

So, below, we’ve compiled some of our best Halloween puns broken down into different categories, from Halloween food/pumpkin puns and Halloween alcohol puns to puns about ghosts, mummies, Dracula, bats, spiders, witches, and skeletons.

… Yup, we definitely have you covered for all your Halloween pun needs.

We hope you find them fangtastic!

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General Halloweeny Puns & Wordplay for instagram Captions

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Halloween pun to cap off an Instagram caption, or just a special something to text your friends or add to a Spooky Basket, here are some general Halloweeny ideas for you.

What a truly spooktacular Halloween. Wishing you all a great fright, witches!

I seriously love Halloween, if you catch what I Hallow-mean.

Bow down, witches to your Hallow-queen.

May your days be scary, and friiiight… and may all your Halloweens be aight.

Creepin’ things cool for Halloween.

Finally haunted down the perfect costume!

I guess my only flaw is sometimes I scare too much.

Thank gourd it’s Halloween again – I’ve been graving spooky vibes!

Halloween and I were just meant tomb be.

Wishing you all a fang-tastic Halloween!

Clearly Halloween is driving me a little batty.

Excited to get this Halloween party startled!

Don’t you think I look pretty eerie-sistible in my Halloween costume?

I don’t normally exercise but I do love to exorcise at Halloween.

Halloween Puns About Pumpkins and Jack o’ Lanterns

Looking for a gourd pun to go with your best Halloween pumpkin pics? Here are some of our favorite Halloweeny puns about pumpkins and Jack o’ Lanterns.

Be sure to click here for a full list though of dozens more pumpkin puns!

’m kind of a Jack o’ Lantern of all trades.

I’m always ahead of the carve.

What a fun Jack o’ Lan-turn of events…

My life motto? Go big or gourd home.

Just super Pump’d to be here.

I’m kind of into Pilates yes…. Pumpkin Pie-lates.

If someone opened up a bakery and served only pumpkin pie, I’d be the first crustomer.

When you go to a party and there’s a Jack o’ Lantern, you know it’s gonna be lit.

I like to Pumpkin spice things up.

If it’s basic to like PSLs, then just call be a Basic Witch.

Halloween Witch Puns

If it’s a suitably witchy caption you’re looking for, we have plenty of bewitching puns for the occasion as well. Here are some of our favorite Halloweeny puns about witches, spells and more.

Looking for more ideas? Here is our full article with dozens more witch puns.

Witching you all the best Halloween ever.

I’ve found that dressing up like this has truly been an en-witching experience.

Forever plagued with resting witch face.

Witch-u want? Baby you got it. Witch you need… you know I am it!

So thankful that all these witches have coven-to my life.

I definitely have the best broommates in the world.

Halloween is my favorite time of year… of curse!

I’m usually not a punny person, but for Halloween I’ll make a hex-ception.

No charm, no foul.

Ghost & Goulish Halloween Puns

A list of Halloween puns simply wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of boo & ghoul puns, right? Well, we have a full list of wonderful ghost puns here, but below are some of our favorites.

Wouldn’t you agree that I’m #CostumeGhouls today?

It’s like they say – ghouls just wanna have fun.

The ghost is clear – time to party!

You’re the one that I haunt, you are the one I haunt… boo boo boo!

Having an unboo-lievable time this Halloween!

Feeling fa-boo-lous today.

Wishing you all a spooktacular Halloween full of boos.

I pity the ghoul who doesn’t get to spend Halloween with me!

Well, you know what they say… just boo it!

Let’s make like ghosts this Halloween and get sheet-faced!

Skeleton Puns that Are Perfect for Halloween

Maybe you’re looking for a punny skeleton name for your precious Halloween decorations, or maybe you want THE perfect caption to allude to your fun skeleton costume. Either way, there’s a skele-TON of Halloween puns related to skulls, bones, and the like.

You can click here for our full list of skeleton puns, but here are our favorites below:

Bone-jour, mes amis.

Having a real Halloween Bone-anza this year!

I’m a bone-afide Halloween professional.

Bone to be wild.

You know, as they say: Carpal diem!

Why did I decide on a Skeleton theme? Tibia-wesome, that’s why.

Always here to be Sternum-p trouble. [Stirrin’ up, get it?]

Okay, maybe I dressed up as a clichéd skeleton, but punny captions are where I jaw the line.

I didn’t know what to wear this Halloween until I had a true epipha-knee.

I really do think my skeleton costume will knuckle your socks off.

Fun Halloween Alcohol Puns

If you’ll be partying this Halloween, odds are you might want some fun Halloween alcohol puns to throw around. We have a comprehensive list of Halloween alcohol puns here, but below are some classics for you.

My favorite part about Halloween? The boos.

Drinking at Halloween is really skele-fun.

Who is excited to get sheet-faced?

Beer: Boooo-eer, Beer-ie (like eerie), Zom-beer

Cider: Sigh-der, Cry-der

Wine: Franken-wine

Tequila: Tequil-ya (like to kill ya)

Vodka: Vod-cackle, Vodk-ah!, Vod-kauldron

Whiskey: Witch-sky, Whis-creep

Baileys: Boo-leys, Bail-eyes

Bourbon: Boo-bon, Bour-boo-n

Mai Tai: Mai Tai-rantula, Mai Tai-rrify

Piña Colada: Piña Ghoul-ada

Martini: Morgue-tini, (Night)Mare-tini

Cosmopolitan: Corpse-mopolitan

Tom Collins: Tomb Collins, Tom Crawl-ins

Tasty Halloween Food Puns

Looking to spice up your Halloween menu with some on-theme punny dishes, or perhaps looking for the perfect punch line to a food-related Halloween dad joke?

These Halloweeny food puns are here to help. Here is a small selection of fun ideas for dishes/foods that suit the Halloween theme. Bone appétit!

Bagels with scream cheese

Eye scream sundae

Spookghetti Boo-lonaise

“Devil”d Eggs

Monster mashed potatoes with grave-y

Freshly baked boo-kies

Franken-steamed vegetables


Mummy-tballs, Mummy-tloaf

Coffin-due (like fondue)

Hallowieners in buns

Halloween Name Puns

If you want some fun spooky versions of famous names, we’ve got tons of options for you.

You can click here for a full list of funny skeleton names, but here are some for abso-boo-tly fun ones for inspiration.

Boo’s Willis

Tommy Lee Bones

Jake Gyllen-skull

Bone-a Lisa

Sandra Boo-lock

Nicole Killman

Tom Boos

Morgue-on Freeman

Leonardo DeCapitated

Mariah Scary


Tomb Hanks

Paula Ab-Ghoul

Halloween Candy Puns

Having a cute costume at Halloween always comes in candy… what can I say?

My night is going pretty candy-cently… how about yours”?

I candy-lay it any longer – I need to eat my treats now!

Halloween is the perfect time to trick or treat yo’self.

Excited to get choco-LIT tonight for Halloween.

When Halloween comes, I’m always keen to “sweet”ch things up.

Every year, all my Halloween candy seems to go to waist…

While kids tend to dress up as all kinds of things for Halloween, as soon as the candy and treats come out, they’re all Goblin.

I like to exorcize…. exorcize my right to eat as much candy as I want.

(Candy) Corny Halloween Jokes and One Liners

Alright, if you’ve held on this long, we assume you are ready for the real treasure: Halloween dad jokes!

Below are some fun Halloween jokes that are sure to make anyone groan.

What does a drunk ghost say when they try to scare you?

How does the skeleton like his beers?
Chilled to the bone.

What is a ghost’s favorite part of a Halloween party?
The boos.

Why did the ghost only drink vodka?
Because he didn’t like other spirits.

What happened at the ghosts’ Halloween party?
They all got sheet-faced.

What do you call a ghost that is a total cheapskate?
A bargain haunter.

What’s a ghost’s favorite refreshing soft drink?
Ghoul Aid.

Why do ghosts not like to dance?
They have no body to dance with.

Where do witches best like to do their research online?

What do you call it when witches are optimistic about the future?
Witchful thinking.

What is every witch’s favorite way to write?
In curse-ive.

Why did strangers not like the witch when she arrived?
She has resting witch face.

Why was the skeleton always terrified?
He didn’t have the guts to do anything.

Why are skeletons stressed out all the time?
Because they’re easily rattled.

Why did the skeleton wife get mad at her skeleton husband?
She didn’t like his skele-tone.

What do you call a Jack o’Lantern that does sports?
A Jock o’ Lantern.

Why did the pumpkin cross the road?
The crossing Gourd said so.

What is a pumpkin lover’s favorite sport?

Hope you enjoyed these Halloween Puns!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more Halloweeny puns that we should add to this list. We wish you a spook-tacular Halloween!

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