The 100+ Best Easter Puns for Instagram Captions and Cards (that’ll Have You Cracking Up!)

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Looking for the best Easter puns? Well, we’re hoppy to report that this post is egg-xactly what you’re looking.

Sorry, do we seem a little too over-easter?

That’s probably because we’ve assembled a truly groan-worthy list of wonderful Easter puns for you below, and we’re beyond egg-cited for you to hop right into it. And before you ask, of course we also have special Christmas puns, Valentine’s puns, Saint Patrick’s Day puns, and general I love you puns too.

But this post is all about the hoppiest time of the year, so let’s get to it – the best Easter puns that you can use for Instagram captions and cards!

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General Easter Puns for Instagram Captions

Let’s start with some general Easter-themed captions choc full of Easter puns. These would be perfect for any Easter photos you want to post, or for a cute Easter card. We’re sure some bunny you know would love them no matter what.

Happy Easter to all my Peeps out there!

Well I definitely had a Good Friday.

I love Easter so much, it’s pretty clear I’m a basket case. 

If you’re not a fan of Easter, then I don’t egg-spect to hear a Peep out of you today… okay?

Eat all this chocolate? Hm, Easter said than done…

Choc out my Easter treats! Feeling very grateful and hoppy this weekend.

Last but not L-Easter, I wanted to wish you a good Easter!

Basket in my Easter glory!

F-Easter your eyes on this!

Easter Egg Puns for Instagram Captions

Whether you need the perfect Easter egg pun to pair with a cute photo of your Easter eggs this year, or you want to send a punny Easter egg card, here are some cute Easter egg themed puns for you to use in all your Instagram captions and cards.

Wishing you all an egg-sellent Easter!

This Easter break was egg-xactly what I needed.

I was gonna post a punny Easter caption but I didn’t want to egg you all on…

I don’t know about you, but Easter egg puns always… crack me up.

Did you all have a good Easter? I’m dye-ing to know.

I would dye for this egg.

And that’s a wrap on Easter! Hope all you yolks had a good one.

So egg-sited to celebrated Easter this year!

Wishing you all an egg-stra special Easter!

Happy Easter to all my good eggs out there!

It’s hard for me to egg-spress how much I love Easter…!

I am absolutely egg-static that it’s Easter!

Staying Yolk this Easter.

Without egg-saggerating, I think Easter is truly my favourite holiday.

Easter is a most wonderful egg-scuse to pig out on all kinds of delicious chocolate and treats. Hope you all had a good one!

You can call me your friendly neighbourhood Easter egg-spert. 

I can’t egg-nore how much I love Easter.

Oops, I did it egg-ain.

Easter is a magical day when you don’t need to take calories into egg-count.

Lights, camera, egg-lion!

Dyeing eggs is a very compl-eggs situation indeed…

Weird fl-eggs, but ok.

Going through a minor egg-sistential crisis this Easter…

I love Easter celebrations because everyone always comes out of their shell.

Think I’m not going ham on Easter this year? Yolk’s on you! Check out this spread.

Does it count as egg-sercise if I lift… a bunch of chocolate eggs into my mouth?

So glad I shelled out for all these Easter goodies.

Hope your Easter is absolutely egg-ceptional!

My Easter this year was absolutely egg-straordinary. Grateful for all my loved ones who made it so special!

Am I a bad egg, or a good egg?

Photo by Filip Baotić on Unsplash

Best Easter Bunny Puns for Instagram Captions

Trying to impress somebunny? Here are some bunny themed puns for you to use this Easter!

Ears to a wonderful Easter!

Can anybody find me… some bunny to love?

I have so many Easter puns, it’s not even bunny.

Wait – you don’t dress up as a bunny for Easter? Sometimes I wonder if you Carrot all.

I’m so obsessed with Easter, it’s not even bunny. 

I know this seems like a lot of chocolate, but honestly I’m just trying to get my bunny’s worth.

I remember when the Easter bunny used to visit… now he’s just some bunny that I used to know.

I hop you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Hop-fully, your Easter was as amazing as mine. Hope you all had a good one!

Hoppy Easter, everyone!

As the Easter bunny once said, don’t worry – be hoppy.

Today was a good Hare day for me.

Feeling’ like some hop stuff today in my Easter gear.

I whip my hare back and forth.

Hare’s to a wonderful Easter, from mine to yours!

When all is said and bun, what matters most are the laughs and company we shared.

And they lived hoppily ever after…

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Funny Easter Jokes

Last but not least, if you’re looking for corny Easter jokes to tell, here are some ideas for you.

What is the Easter bunny’s favorite genre of music?
Hip Hop.

What is the Easter bunny’s best quality?
He’s very bunny-volent.

Why did the Easter bunny take his current job?
It had great bunny-fits.

What is the Easter bunny’s favourite kind of jewelry?
14 Carrot gold.

Where is the Easter bunny’s favorite place to get pancakes?

What does the Easter bunny use to keep his hair tidy?
A hare brush.

How does the Easter bunny stay in such great shape?
Lots of egg-sercise.

What happened to the Easter bunny when he was naughty at school?
He got egg-spelled.

Why should you never tell Easter eggs a funny joke?
They might crack up.

What do you call the Easter bunny when he’s mad?

Did we miss any of your favorite Easter puns?

Let us know in the comments if you have any more funny Easter themed puns we should add to the list!

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