50+ Christmas Alcohol Puns & Cocktail Names for Optimal Christmas Cheers

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The best way to spread Christmas ‘cheers’ is drinking loads for all to fear…

And if you’re currently hunting for a clever Christmassy alcohol pun to use, you’re in luck. We’ve done all the hard work for you so you can focus on the important stuff: raising “spirits”!

Below, you’ll find a fun list of festive, Christmas-themed alcohol puns, whether you’re in need of a good Christmas wine pun, fun Christmas cocktail names, or simply some ideas for a festive Christmas drink Instagram caption.

After all, it’s the most wine-derful time of the year!

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More Christmas Themed Puns

First – we should let you know this isn’t our only article full of Christmas puns! Here’s a full list of our top ones in case you’re looking for further Christmas pun inspiration:


Alright, let’s start with some fun basic Christmas alcohol puns that are perfect for Instagram captions. Feel free to mix these up and make them your own, but the punny basic building blocks are there fo you to craft THE perfect boozy Christmas caption that will either make your friends laugh, cringe, or a wonderful combination of both.

The best way to spread Christmas ‘cheers’ is drinking loads for all to fear… [yes we used this to start off our article, and no we are not ashamed]

It’s the most wine-derful time of the year…

We wish you a hoppy Christmas!

I guess you can say I’m getting into the proper Christmas spirits…

Baby it’s cold out-cider!

Just out here playing Rein-beer games.

Time to get fa la la la lit!

It’s the holidays, so why not treat your elf?

Tis the season to be tipsy…!

I told myself just one drink this year, but I couldn’t elf myself!

Don’t worry – I’m limiting myself to a Wreath-onable amount of drinks this year!

Deck the halls with boughs of shotskis, fa la la la la!

Yule never guess how many cups of [insert preferred holiday drink] I’ve had!

Tidings of cup-fort and joy.

Took “stocking” up on [insert preferred holiday drink] a little too seriously this year…

The holidays are a great time to have a festive drink just be Claus.

Just a red-faced Brew-dolph with their rein-beer friends!

Gin-gle bell, gin-gle bell, gin-gle bell (on the) rocks?

I’m dreaming of a wine Christmas…

Christmas Cocktail Puns

Looking to create a Christmas-themed cocktail menu? These Christmas cocktail puns make fun festive puns out of your favorite alcoholic mixed drinks. Enjoy!

Daquiri: Daqui-Reindeer, Decor-i, Da-coal-ri, Da-carol-i Daqui-rejoice

Gin and tonic: Gin-gle bells and tonic

Mojito: Moji-tinsel, Moji-Toys, Mistletoe-jito

Long island iced tea: Long Island Iced Tree, (Yule) Log Island Iced Tea, Long Island Icing Tea

Manhattan: Man hat on (accompanied by a photo of Santa or something), Manger-hattan, Manhat-Tin of Cookies

Margarita: Merry-garitas

Bloody Mary: Bloody Merry

Cosmopolitan: Christm-apolitan, Coldsmopolitan, Coals-mopolitan, Carols-mopolitan

Tom Collins: Toy Collins, Tom Carollins

Moscow Mule: Mistletoe Mule

Screwdriver: Scrooge-driver

Hurricane: Hurri-Candy Cane

Martini: Merry-tini, Mar-Treeni

Tequila Sunrise: Tequi-lights Sunrise

Pimm’s Cup: Pine’s Cup

Shirley Temple: Shirley Tinsel

Mai Tai: Mai Ti-dings

Piña Colada: Piña Cold-ada, Pine-a Colada

Sangria: San-greetingsa, Sang-tree-a, Saint-gria

Christmas Liquor & Liqueur Puns

Looking to make your own Christmas alcohol puns or jokes? Here are some Christmas-themed liquor puns that you can easily add into different punchlines, punny cocktail names or just for fun.

Gin: Gin-gle bells, gin-gle all the way

Amaretto: Amaret-Toy, Ama-reindeer, Ama-red-nose, Ama-ribbon

Baileys: Bough-leys, Bow-leys

Bourbon: Bough-bon, Bow-bon, Brrr-bon

Brandy: Br-Candy, Br-Candy Cane, Brrrr-andy

Campari: Cam-party, Cam-partridge in a Pear Tree

Kahlua: Kahlu-fa-la-la-la-la

Jägermeister: Yay-germeister

Rum: Pa rum pum pum pum

Sambuca: Santa-buca, Sam-bough-ca

Sherry: Merry

Tequila: Tree-quila, turkey-la, toy-quila

Vodka: Vod-carol, Vod-kandy

Christmas Wine Puns & Beer Puns

Whether to add as a final touch to a cute wine gift, or for an IG caption featuring your preferred sips, here are some festive wine/beer puns that Yule love:

Wine: Wine-derful (e.g. it’s a Wine-derful Life, it’s the most wine-derful time of the year)

White Wine: Dreaming of a White Christmas [for white wine]

Prosecco: Prosec-ho ho ho

Champagne: Champ-pine

Chardonnay: Chardon-yay

Merlot: Merl-ho ho ho

Pinot Noir: Pin-ho ho ho Noir

Sauvignon Blanc: Snow-vignon Blanc, S-ho ho ho vignon Blanc

Riesling: Rieslingle Bells

Pinot Grigio: Pinot Greetings-o

Moscato: Moscat-ho ho ho, Merry-scato, Moscarol

Shiraz: Brrr-az

Beer: Hoppy Christmas, Brew-dolph, Rein-beer

Do you have any more Christmas alcohol puns to add?

Give us your best “shot!” below!

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