20+ Christmas Party Puns to Help You Sleigh Your Instagram Captions This Year

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Regardless of whether you’re attending a Christmas party virtually or in person this year, one thing remains certain: it’s time to start dreaming up those punny festive Christmas messages and captions!

Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for you so you can focus on doing the more important things for yours-Elf, things like stuffing your face, gulping eggnog and getting truly fa la la la lit.

So, below you’ll find plenty of Christmas party themed puns and captions for you to steal this Christmas. We hope you find these ideas iWreath-istible.

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More Christmas Themed Puns

First – we should let you know this isn’t our only article full of Christmas puns! Here’s a full list of our top ones in case you’re looking for further Christmas pun inspiration:

Christmas Party Invitation Puns

First off – let’s tackle some classic Christmas Party invitation puns. Looking for the perfect punny phrase to include in a Christmas party invitation or card? Here are some fun ideas.

Hey, it’s time to get Elfed up!

Time to get fa la la la lit!

Tis the season to go party!

Come put the rum in pa rum pum pum pum.

Yule definitely have to join us…

Make our Tree-ms come true? All we want for Christmas is you!

Punny Christmas Party Instagram Captions

Whether it’s a Christmas party with friends, with family or with colleagues, a punny festive caption will definitely help you sleigh the gram this year. Here are some ideas:

We candy cane, we saw, we conquered.

Gifted this crew with my Presents this year.

Lost all elf control at this year’s Christmas party…

Hanging with these guys has really helped my Elf confidence.

You can say I’m quite the Christmas party prof-elf-ssional…

So happy to be Party this amazing [family, group of friends, office, etc].

Decided to not bring up work at all today since it wouldn’t be… party-nent to the discussion.

Sleighing it with this crew since [insert year].

Me and this crew? Yup, we’re a force to be reckoned Wreath.

Grateful for all my loved ones this year – thank you for ever-wreathing!

Holly wonderful friends, Batman! So grateful for yet another amazing Christmas party with these ones.

Always the best time with my jingle ladies!

Sleigh my name, sleigh my name…

BONUS: Virtual Christmas Party Puns & Captions

Lastly, if you need some caption ideas or puns related specifically to virtual Christmas celebrations, we have some ideas for you. This year has been a weird one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save it a little with the perfect clever line!

Tis the season to Zoom your parties… fa-la-la-la-la-la you’re on mute.

Here comes Santa’s calls, here comes Santa’s calls… right on Santa Claus’ link.

When it comes to virtual Christmas parties, the Skype’s the limit.

Thought I would do a video chat for Christmas this year but I don’t know – that’s not really my Skype of thing.

My plans for Christmas? Party-cipating in a festive Zoom call, of course.

Making the most of a crappy situation – so much fun at our virtual serendi-Party! Hope to see all your beautiful faces in person soon.

You all better be un-muted with cameras on, or else you’ll have to face my Wreath.

So happy I got to spend Christmas with all my favourite people – even if it was just virtu-holly.

Virtual Christmas party or not, I’m here to sleigh.

Ain’t no party like a Zoom call party!

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Have any more Christmas party puns to add?

Let us know in the comments! Hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas party puns and captions. Have an awesome holiday season!

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