50+ Snowman Puns, Jokes & Wordplay that are Snow Clever, Everyone Will Laugh

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In need of a clever snowman pun for the perfect message or Instagram caption?

Really, it’s snow problem.

We here at Thoughtful Gift Club are pretty obsessed with wordplay, so we’ve assembled the best snowman themed puns and jokes for your perusal below. We’re pretty cold-fident you’ll find something you like, so enjoy!

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Snowman Puns and Wordplay for Instagram Captions

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect pun to match an Instagram caption featuring snowmen cookies, or an actual snowman you made yourself, here are some clever ideas:

Going where snowman has gone before.

Always up to Snow good.

Hello Mr. Snowman, ice to meet you.

Suddenly I believe in love at Frost sight.

Having snow much fun these days… oh man!

Snow matter what you hear about me, just know that I’m a (snow)man of my word.

Do you want to build a snowman? Promise Olaf you forever.

Adorable snowmen just make me melt.

Who needs friends when you’ve got a cool group of Snow-mies?

I gotta keep cool with this one, otherwise he’ll have a meltdown.

I really admire this guy… after all, “Snowman” can often be a tough Roll.

There’s snowman better for me. I glove this one!

Forget Netflix and chill – what about snowmen and chill?

Chilling out with my man.

He may be ice cold but he wears the heck out of a hat.

When it comes to the perfect snowman, I will spare snow expense.

Clever and Punny Snowman Names

Sick of just naming your special snowman “Frosty”? Here are some punny snowman names based off of famous celebrities and characters.

Snowen Atkinson

Edward SNOW-den

Jon Snow

Snow-livia Newton John

Snow-liver Stone

George Cool-ney

Arn-Cold Schwarzenegger

Jim Carrey-t (Carrot)

Morgan Freezeman (or Morgan Freesnowman)

Photo by Zoha Kidwai on Unsplash

Steven Spielbrrrrrrrg

Al Pacin-snow

Snow White


Snowen Wilson

Mark Wahlbrrrrg

Snow-muel L. Jackson

Ben Still-brrrr

Bill Brr-ay

Freeze-dy Mercury

Freeze-da Kahlo

Stone Cold Steve Frost-in

Frostin’ Powers

Macaulay Cold-kin

Melt Gibson

Melt-lissa McCarthy

Chill-ian Michaels

Mi-cold Scott

Mi-cold Phelps (any Michael really)

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Cheesy Snowman Jokes

Last but not least, are you looking for a fun dad joke to tell around the Christmas table? Here are some cringey but wonderful snowman jokes for you to bust out:

What is a snowman’s favourite hot drink?

What’s a snowman’s favorite dessert?
Ice cream.

Why did the snowman refuse to eat the carrot?
Because he Nose it’s a carrot.

How did the snowman react to people making fun of his pointy nose?
He didn’t Carrot all.

Why did the snowman skip the Christmas party?
He just wanted to chill.

What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?

What does the snowman take when he gets stressed?
A chill pill.

What do snowmen like to eat for lunch?

Photo by Mike Ivanov on Unsplash

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